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I'm surprised you don't know me.. Well, that's why you are here. I am a creative frontend developer and my key interest is to build responsive and interractive websites that will give your users a relaxed feel of what you are showing.
With four years of experience, I am confident of understanding your needs as well as your users desire which is a good interface of what your website demands


Full-Stack Mobile Developer


Started work: Oct 2022
Ended: Jan 2023

  • Building responsive and user-friendly interfaces.
  • Implementing UI designs and ensuring consistency across different devices and browsers.
  • Optimizing website performance and load times.
  • Collaborating with UX designers to enhance user experience.
  • Writing efficient and optimized server-side code.

Front-end Developer


Started work: Jan 2023
Ended: Apr 2023

  • Integrating front-end code with back-end APIs and services.
  • Conducting cross-browser and cross-platform testing.
  • Debugging and troubleshooting front-end issues.

Full-Stack Developer


Started work: May 2023
Ended: July 2023

  • Staying updated with the latest front-end technologies and trends.
  • Working closely with back-end developers to ensure seamless integration and functionality.
  • Implementing UI designs and ensuring consistency across different devices and browsers.
  • Integrating front-end code with back-end APIs and services.

Full-Stack Developer


Started work: July 2023

  • Developing server-side applications and APIs.
  • Managing and organizing databases and data storage systems.
  • Implementing secure authentication and user authorization mechanisms.
  • Writing efficient and optimized server-side code.


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Case study 1 of 5: Airbnb Clone

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Airbnb clone is a vacation and accomodation booking wbsite that helps user finds suitable accomodationaround them in any part of the world. With a functional date picker and calendar, it becomes super easy for users to find available and flexible apartments that suits their plans

Case study 2 of 5: Tradewithkore

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TradewithKore, a premium digital platform for training how to trade in the
financial market and building new ways to transact and earn.

Case study 3 of 5: Luj

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Luj store showcases celebrity-worn clothing and accessories, bid on and acquire iconic pieces.
The curated collection features authenticated designer items worn by renowned celebrities, providing a unique opportunity to own a part of fashion history. With real-time auctions, personalized services, and a commitment to authenticity.

Case study 4 of 5: Moneylinewithnancy

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Moneylinewithnancy is a comprehensive finance news blog and TV program that delivers insightful analysis and updates on the latest financial trends, market developments, and economic news. Hosted by Nancy, the platform offers a dynamic blend of in-depth articles and engaging television segments.

Case study 5 of 5: Binary Bot

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